Greetings, and welcome to my site.

My name is Zelda F. Williams, and by GOD’s grace, I have been blessed to start a career as a woodworker.  This site is my resume, which allows me, to introduce myself to you as a viable candidate for employment.

I graduated with honors, having received my Associate of Applied Science Degree, from Seattle Central Community College – Wood Construction Center, in the Cabinet making and Fine woodworking program, and I am looking to secure employment.

This term, woodworker conveys to some a very narrow field of endeavor.  Quite the contrary however.  The field of woodworking is rather extensive, as viewed from the perspective of the woodworker.  For you see, there are endless possibilities when one works with wood.  A virtual myriad of solutions abound, to tackle all sorts of problems that one may have.  And this, is the beauty and joy of working with wood.

Within this site, I will introduced myself, my work, and what I can do for you.   I hope that my skills, knowledge, experience, basically what I have to offer will be useful to you as an employment opportunity. 

Thank you